Reasons Why Golf is Booming Down Under

Golf is an interesting sport that should be getting all of the recognition it deserves in any economy. However, it does appear that many Australian golf courses didn’t get much action in the past months due to the threat posed by the pandemic. As the lockdown and pandemic effect eases up, more people are interested in the future of golf in Australia which has led to an independent survey and research into golfing in the region.

The results of the Nature Report will help the relevant body act accordingly as a new direction is being set for the Australian golf industry. The new direction is expected to push the sport further up while initiating post-pandemic growth. The Australian Golf Industry Council, a group consisting of the golf’s main industry bodies, is using the details of the report to develop a new National Golf Strategy that’ll launch in December and form the industry’s roadmap to the future.

Independent Report Key Findings

  • Golf’s positioning as a sport that’ll take over post-pandemic
  • Golf has a market potential of more than 9 million Australians of which no more than 5% are currently active participants
  • A potential market from 5.8 million Australians who have yet to play a single game of golf. Of this population, men make up about 54% while women make up 46%.
  • While golf isn’t popularly adopted, there are as many as 1.6 million people who play alternative forms of golf. These alternative players include 295,000 people classed as ‘ball-hitters’
  • An estimated 1,140,000 children are interested in alternative forms of golf which creates a market for golf and golfing in Australia. The number is second only to swimming when ranked among organized sporting events.
  • Golf has great ratings and advantages, especially as it is fun and can be played for life, irrespective of the player’s age.
  • The greatest challenge to the development of the Australian golfing industry is the engagement of women and girls in the sport. The recent number of female participants in golf has, however, increased. Youth integration into golf and golfing is also a major challenge.
  • The key to adopting golf lies in more and improved public golfing facilities as well as shorter gameplay.

The leaders of the golf industry in Australia mentioned that the report is as in-depth as it can get, identifying the major challenges facing the Australian golfing industry. The AGIC and PGA Chief Executive, Gavin Kirkman, noted that the future of golfing in Australia critically relies on the success of their mission to create entry points for youths and other interested persons.

He added that: “We know golf is a game that can be played by anyone at any age, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable and it’s good for your health. We need to ensure golf, in its many formats, is in the consideration set particularly for women and juniors. Availability of different entry points so people can find their way into the game is key,”

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