Find Out The Most Surprising Facts About Golf

Do you love to play golf? Are you interested in picking up a new hobby, and golf seems to be on top of the list? You should know that there are several interesting facts about the elite game that will draw you in. Popular in countries like the UK, US, Canada, and Ireland, you are sure to find a couple of new friends when you play on a public golf course. Golf is more than just a sport. Many people who have come to fall in love with the beautiful activity note that it offers a chance to socialize and connect with other players. At first, you may find it physically exerting. However, you’ll soon get the hang of the beautiful game and the joy it inspires in players.

Competitively, there are several professionals who have made a name for themselves playing golf. Whether you are playing to become a career golfer or for fun, below are some of the facts you should know.

Golf Was Once Banned

In the past, the game of golf was considered a rebellious sport. This led to the ban of the sport. Golf, in all of its forms, was banned a total of three times in Scotland between 1457 and 1744. The ban was because the government believed the sport interfered with military training.

In the earliest days of the sport, participants were considered to constitute a nuisance, especially as they played on the streets or commercial properties. During this time, football was also officially banned by the government.

Scotland is the Home of Golf

Contrary to many beliefs that the United States may have been the birth home of this beautiful game, Scotland is. Although golf was banned by the Scottish government, Scotland remains the home of golf. The game was invented in 1457. However, it is unclear who invented the game and what its earliest days were like. It is also worth noting that the Scottish were the first to create golf courses and golf clubs.

Tiger Woods Made His First Hole-in-One at 8

Every golf fact is incomplete without the mention of Tiger Woods, a veteran professional golfer. The award-winning golfer made his first hole-in-one at the young age of 8. According to reports, the pro golfer was interested in the beautiful game at the tender age of 6 months and began actively learning the ropes from 2 years of age. Although he had regularly practiced with his father, Woods made his first hole-in-one at the age of 8 years.

Tiger Woods Has 81 PGA Tournaments Under His Belt

Being a pro golfer came with its highs and lows for Tiger Woods. After making his first hole-in-one at the tender age of 8 years, the pro golfer went on to win as many as 81 PGA tournaments to date. Although Wood’s numbers are impressive, he is behind Sam Snead, who has won a total of 82 PGA tournaments in his career. These two pro golfers are trailed by many names, including Jack Nicklaus with 73 PGA tournament wins. However, Nicklaus has a major edge over Woods, having won 18 majors while Woods has 15 majors to his name.

Among golfers, there are arguments about whether Tiger Woods is the greatest pro golfer to ever play the game. However, these three names remain top on the lips of any golf lover.

Phil Mickelson is Right-Handed

Many people have a major hand they dominantly use. Some are right or left-handed, while a few people are ambidextrous. While it may be hard to use your less dominant hand to play the game of golf, you’ll be amazed to find out that Phil Mikelson is right-handed. The pro golfer is right-handed but plays golf seamlessly with his left hand.

As another pro golfer who started at a young age, Mikelson mirrored his father’s moves, and this caused him to use his left hand more. Over the years, he became a pro at playing golf using his left hand while dominantly using his right for other activities.

Most Golfers Never Have a Handicap Under 18

Many professional golfers play to handicaps of between 4 and 6 before becoming professionals. Because not all pro golfers are gifted, fans will find that most of them will not play to a handicap under 18. This doesn’t mean that you are a bad golfer if you aren’t able to achieve this feat. Keep in mind that many golfers are recreational golfers who do not undergo serious professional training and regular practice.

Women’s Golf took off in 1811

Golf was a men-dominated sport for the longest possible time. Women didn’t get a major shot at the game until 1811. In 1811, the misogyny was broken, and the first round of Women’s Golf was played. This was over 400 years after men began actively playing the game. The first round of Women’s golf was played in Musselburgh, Scotland. Scotland was also home to the first women’s golf club established in 1867.

The Odds Against a Hole-in-One is Ridiculously High

While Tiger Woods made his first hole-in-one at 8 years, it is important to state how incredibly difficult the feat is. There is a 12,500 to 1 chance of making that shot. This gives other pro and non-pro players a cushion. The incredibly large odds against this feat is because of the small size of the hole. Remember that many professional golfers have gone their entire careers without this record.

Golf Balls were Originally made from Leathers and Feathers

During the early days of golf in Scotland and around the world, the game started with a leather ball wrapped in feathers. However, over time, the beautiful game evolved and now offers much more to players and spectators. The transition between the golf ball then and what it is now isn’t smooth. At some point, golf balls were made from wood. The experimentation with different materials led to the solid balls that are now the norm in golf today.

Other facts about golf include;

  • Golf is one of the few sports that have been played on the moon.
  • The longest putt stands at 375 feet.
  • Sand mounds were the earliest history of golf tees. Tees became popular in the 1920s.
  • Albatross is a score of three-under-par.

The chance of making two hole-in-one in a single game rises in odds to 1 in 67 million

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