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TimberStone Golf Course Of Idaho Performance Center utilizes leading launch monitor technologies, expert service, and the latest name brand equipment to help you improve your game.Each fitting is done using premium golf balls on our Trackman Launch Monitor.

With this technology and our staff’s knowledge we will be able to adjust your clubs or make equipment recommendations to best suit your specifications.The Performance Center also offers Club Repair: From re-gripping to new shafts, we are able to make your old clubs feel new.

Recent Club Fitting Success Testimonials

“Got fitted for clubs by Craig, driver and irons. What a great experience, Craig was very informative and took the time to make sure I understood what he was explaining. Their new performance center is state of the art. Wish I had got fitted 5 years ago. Worth every penny of the small fee to get fitted, and no pressure if you want to order clubs or not. Thanks again Craig your a true professional.” – Carl S.

“Thought I would let you know third round with the new clubs, hole in 1, 153 yards, 6 iron. First one!” – Scott W.

“Great course and great staff! Best fitting facility in the northwest! Full Trackman fitting bay with Trackman 4. All the major manufacturers and a world class repair center! I would not get fit for golf clubs anywhere else, the experience was the best I have ever had!” – R.G.

“If you are a golfer and think clubs don’t matter, you’re CRAZY! Just went to TimberStone Golf Course and got fitted for custom clubs. What a huge difference! Low rounds coming now! Kelly Christensen and Craig are awesome! Get out there and do it if you’re even thinking about it! Can’t wait to get them and play my first round!” – Brad B.

Meet our Master Fitter & Club Repair Expert Craig Grunig

Craig is Golf Works Certified, Completed thousands of fittings & worked with PGA Professionals to Complete Beginners picking up a club for the first time.



TimberStone golf course Craig Grunig master golf club fitterCraig has been working in the golf industry for over 20 years. He first picked up a club at age 6 and has had one in his hand ever since! It was clear a life in the golf industry beckoned after Craig won the Idaho State High School individual Championship and then received a golf scholarship to Boise State University.

Craig played four years for Boise State University, winning one NCAA event and playing in more than 20 college tournaments. Craig Graduated with a Bachelors in Education and Business. These achievements came through a combination of talent and dedication, the same formula has been key in Craig’s life and career.

During the last 11 years as a Master fitter for Callaway Golf Craig has helped golfers from all walks of life and completed thousands of fittings. He has worked with PGA Professionals to complete beginners picking up a club for the first time. He prides himself on knowing the characteristics and performance of all manufacturers equipment  including Ping, Titleist, Taylormade, and Callaway.

Using his years of Trackman and club data expertise Craig can dial in and fit on any manufacturer and knows that no one vendor is for everyone. He will experiment and work with you to find a driver, putter, wedge or full bag of new fitted equipment. 

Craig has also been building and repairing golf clubs for over 20 years and is happy to lead the world class club repair shop at Timberstone. He is Golf Works certified and loves the opportunity to repair and make equipment play like new. 

In early 2020 Craig joined Timberstone Golf as the facilities Master Fitter and club repair expert. The goal envisioned by Craig is to deliver the same type of experience to golfers of all skill levels and to show that all golfers can benefit from proper equipment that is fit to their personal characteristics and abilities.

Hours Of Operation:

By Appointment Only

Woods $50-Measure length, swing weight, shaft flex, & loft
of current woods. Adjust current clubs or recommend equipment to fill yardage gaps between driver and irons.

Irons $50-Measure length, swing weight, shaft flex, & loft of current irons. Adjust current irons or recommend equipment to fit players specifications.

Wedges $50-Measure length, swing weight, shaft flex, & loft of current wedges. Adjust current wedges or recommend equipment to fit players specifications.

Putter $50-Measure loft, lie, length, swing weight, & total weight of current putter. Trackman captures face angle, path, &roll/lift. Adjust current putter or recommend style of putter to fit players specifications.

Full Set $200-Woods, Irons, Wedges, & Putter. Adjust current clubs or recommend equipment to fill yardage gaps between Driver, Fairway Woods, Irons and Wedges.

Trackman Combine $50-60 shots hit to select targets. Each shot is scored on accuracy. Utilize Trackman Combine to better understand your scores on the course & identify weaknesses. The combine also allows you to see how you compare to the worlds best PGA & LPGA players with the combine scorecard.

Trackman Swing Data $25-10 shots with a 6 iron & 10 shots with a driver. Trackman will report club head speed, club path, face angle, spin rate, attack angle, distance, & more. This data will help you understand what elements of the swing effect your ball flight.

By Appointment Only

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