The game of golf has been in existence for quite some time. Although previously associated with the most privileged in society, people from all walks of life have taken up this sport. Clubs have sprouted up all over and it’s common to come across one every few miles. Competition has been stiff as clubs compete to enroll and retain members, each promising a “state of the art” golf course. However, the dilemma is not where to find the best course but how to identify the ideal one. Below are a few tips to help you make an informed choice. 


In golf, routing means the layout and connection between holes and it defines the direction in which the holes are played. When choosing a course, get to know whether you can play in different directions or a fixed pattern. To many players, playing in the same direction is not interesting. Having a variety of routes throughout the golf course adds the advantage of getting to exercise. 


Various design factors determine if a course is capable of offering the ultimate fun experience every player desires. These factors may enable or hinder you from getting your targeted shot. Before making a choice, we need to consider the following;

  • Are there bunkers and water hazards?
  • How is the drainage?
  • Is it too sloppy or too flat?
  • Is the green too slow or too fast?

Variety of Holes

When choosing the best golf course, the variety of holes matters a lot as it determines the overall experience. An ideal course features various long, short, and straight holes with the option to play in different directions. For this to be achieved, plenty of space has to be available as small space would translate to a limited variety of features. 

Ability to Shot 

Depending on your level of golfing skills, you need to consider the course design, gradient, and general play difficulty. It would be a worthless experience to spend your time in an unsuitable fairway where you are unable to make shots the way you desire. The types of clubs you need depend on the course too. 

Reasonable Challenge

In general, a good golf course should have reasonable challenge levels, not too difficult as it could kill the fun. There should be a balance between difficulty and playability to motivate you to try out new skills. Making the course too difficult may discourage armature players and make them feel defeated, eventually hating the sport. 

Flexible Scheduling

You would not wish to be associated with a golf course where booking a tee is a nightmare. For a player to improve their skills, regular play is essential, and the best time to train is when you feel like it. So, to avoid disappointments, it is advisable to choose a course with flexible scheduling where you can book your tee time as you wish. Better still, you may opt to join a private members club where you are given priority and you can tee off without time restrictions. 

From what we have learned, choosing the right golf course plays a big role in determining how your overall experience will be. If you are looking for an all-inclusive golfing experience, visit and take advantage of our exclusive offers. 

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